Zambezia is the most densely populated province which is centrally located in the northern belt of the country. The capital of Zambezia is Quelimane, a city which sits on the Rios dos Boas Sinais River; it is a city dominated by Moslems.

The relief of Zambezia is very diverse and is characterised by miles and miles of tea plantations, several rivers, mountainous regions and well as beaches and palm trees. Farming is a major activity in this province with a variety of crops being grown, including cotton, rice, sugarcane, cassava and cashews.  The main attractions of Zambezia are; the Gile’ game reserve, the mosque and old cathedral at Quelimane and the hot springs ‘Fontes quentes’ in the Gurue Mountains. Visitors should also make an effort to sample the spicy staple dish of Zambezia.