Sofala is a centrally located province whose major city is Beira. Beira was built just a little way from the old port city of Sofala used by the Portuguese settlers. There are many historic buildings reminiscent of this era. Sofala is a vibrant province which produces sugar and shrimp. For tourists Sofala has a fair share of lovely beaches and buildings of historic significance, some of these are; Casa Portugal and the Casa Infante de Sagres. Other attractions in Sofala include the Gorongosa National Park where hikers will enjoy climbing the Gorongosa Mountain.

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Beira is the provincial capital of Sofala. A vibrant port city, this commercial centre is the second most important port in the country.
·         Places of Historical interest - Monuments & Impressive architecture
1.       House of Portugal
2.       Casa dos Bicos
3.       Colonial style Municipal Square. ( Largo do Munincìpio)
4.       The Fort of Sofala
·         Natural Attractions
1.       Gorongosa National Park
2.       Macuti Beach
3.       Marromeu Buffalo reserve