Nampula is a commercial province whose occupation dates back to the late 15th century.  Nampula has always been a strategic location, as one of the largest natural ports in Africa, is situated there; the port of Nacala. The provincial capital Nampula is a city of contrasts with many old buildings standing side by side with new modern buildings. Visitors can look forward to intriguing landscapes as well with large granite outcrops on the verges of the City. The province is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its historical significance. Places of interest in Nampula include - Cathedral de Nosa Senhora da Conceicao, Chocas Beach, St Paul’s Palace, and the Fortress of St Sebastian.

The city of Nampula is a city that uniquely blends old and new. This modern urban centre has many historical monuments as well as miles upon miles of stunning landscape. There is much to be learnt from some of the old buildings standing in the city of Nampula. The main places of interest are as follows:

         Places of Historical interest - Monuments & Impressive Architecture
1.       St Paul’s Palace
2.       The Ethnographic Museum
3.       Fortress of St Sebastian
4.       The Museum of Sacred Art
5.       The monument to Luis de Camoes

        Natural attractions
1.       Mozambique island – a UNESCO World heritage site
2.       Chocas beach
3.       The city of Angoche
4.       Miombo forest