Inhambane is a coastal province which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mozambique. The most popular attraction is the Archipelago Bazaruto, a set of four stunning islands. There are other beautiful beaches which attract a lot of tourists. The capital of the province goes by the same name. Visitors will find many interesting pastimes, including exploring the coral reefs,(diving) collecting seashells, relaxing by the beach or angling at some of the popular fishing areas.  Inhambane is home to the Bazaruto Marine Park where visitors will enjoy seeing various sea creatures, like the dolphin, shark and whale. There are other attractions of note such as the natural reserves and Parks of Pomene and Zinave, the Museum of Inhambane, the ancient buildings found in the city.   Inhambane has two aerodromes for air access.

Districts of Inhambane Province
Funhalouro District
Govuro District
Homoine District
Jangamo District
Inharrime District
Inhassoro District
Mabote District
Massinga District
Morrumbene District
Panda District
Vilankulo District
Zavala District

Inhambane is a highly popular coastal city. It has a number of lovely hotels and visitors can enjoy quality standards.
·         Places of Historical interest - Monuments & Impressive architecture
1.       Inhambane mosque
2.       The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Conception
3.       Inhambane museum
·         Natural Attractions
1.       Bazaruto Archipelago
2.       Tofo
3.       Pomene national Reserve
4.       Inhassaro
·         Other
1.       Vilanculos Market