Cabo Delago

The Cabo Delgado province lies to the extreme north of the country. The Rovuma River is a prominent feature in the province. The main city is called Pemba, which is located close to Pemba Bay. Pemba is characterised by many old buildings which depict the influence of Arab culture and later structures used by the Portuguese. It is a quiet urban centre as it was not a prominent trade centre, in fact, it is an unspoilt paradise which is ideal for a no-frills vacation, it is not the usual bustling tourist resort. The main attractions in Cabo Delgado are The Quirimbas Archipelago, Ibo Island and the Quirimbas National Park. A unique feature of the province is the ethnic tribe the Makonde people who make beautiful wooden ornaments. Visitors will enjoy browsing for these and other artistic pieces at the colourful traditional outdoor markets.

Pemba is not a bustling city like the big urban centres but it’s equally beautiful. It is popular because of its close proximity to gorgeous Ibo Island. Pemba is the second largest inland bay in the world. There are a lot of fun activities tourists can do by the water.

Attractions of Pemba:
  • Quirimbas National Park
  • Pemba Shoppers Market
  • The Fort of S. Joao Baptista on the Island of Ibo
  • The Praia do Wimbe
  •  Pemba Beach