Health Matters

Health Matters and Requirements:

All visitors should be vaccinated for Yellow Fever if coming from a country where yellow fever is present. Visitors are encouraged to take anti Malaria medication at least two weeks before the visit and during the stay visitors should carry and apply insect repellent. Visitors are encouraged to drink bottled water although tap water is generally relatively clean. 

Mozambique is very strict on their smoking policy, it is banned in all public places and it is generally not allowed in restaurants and many accommodation common areas. Visitors may ask to be directed to specific smoking areas. 

Visitors are encouraged to exercise caution when sampling local tropical food and unfamiliar sea food. In the case of stomach upsets or other medical emergencies visitors can approach any of the several well equipped medical centres closest to them.

Mozambique has a combination of tropical and sub tropical climate. With two main seasons, the cold and dry season which runs from May to September and the wet season from October to April. The highest temperatures can reach 29 Degrees Celsius.  

What to wear and Bring:
Here is a basic guideline for items and clothing that is advisable to bring on your travels to Mozambique. Due to the variances in climate conditions and depending on where visitors are spending their vacation some items may not be necessary. Visitors are advised to always check that their hotel or lodge provides important things such as mosquito nets.
Good pair walking shoes/Flip-flops/Rafters OR Crocs
Mosquito repellent/Mosquito net (if not supplied)
Binoculars/Camera (Charger & extra SD Card)
Sun screen; Sun hat; Sunglasses
Swim wear
Light clothing/Long sleeved to protect from insects/mosquitoes at night
Bird Book/Game viewing book /Marine life Guide 
Diving Gear
Basic Medical aid kit (Malaria prophylactics, rehydrate, antihistamine, headache tablets, diarrhoea tablets, plasters)