Communications and Transportation


The country code for Mozambique is +258. Telephones are fully automatic; there is direct access to destinations abroad. There are two mobile operators who use the GSM system; prepaid cards can be purchased locally. You can use them to access voice calling and the Internet. 

Vehicle Use and Regulations:

Visitors (Non residents) driving into Mozambique should possess a temporary import licence. Such vehicles cannot be sold, rented out and the requisite licence should be readily available at all times. Drivers use the left side of the road and they should always carry the following:
-Drivers License
-Car Registration
-Temporary Import Licence (Non Residents)
-Valid Vehicle Insurance
-Licence for recreational trailers (boats, caravans etc)
-Emergency Triangle in case of  Breakdowns
-Car Rental services can be found at all the international airports and in the major towns and cities. 

There are bus systems travelling all around Mozambique, and to Mozambique from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and other nearby countries. Check out, for example, Etrago and the Cheetah Express